Why You Should Try Yoga

A person’s body is quite literally their temple, and people have been attempting to tap into their innermost selves for thousands of years. This is how yoga actually arose in ancient India. It was part of a broader set of philosophies dealing with the physical, mental and spiritual. To this day, yoga remains perhaps the premier form of exercise in existence for those who want to improve the total package: Mind, body and spirit.

Want to Beat Depression?

Yoga isn’t going to give you a fierce six-pack or allow you bench-press an obscene amount of weight, but what it lacks in physical prowess it more than makes up for with mental proficiency. In fact, studies conducted with yoga practitioners show that their minds are better equipped to handle stressful situations, and thus they suffer far fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Want to Lose Weight

Yoga also isn’t some fad diet that’s going to instantly help your body burn fat. However, the regular practice of yoga works wonders on the body’s metabolism, which in turn allows for the burning of more calories and a balanced, healthy weight. The discipline involved in yoga also helps control your cravings.

Want to Lower Your Blood Pressure?

If hypertension is an issue for you, yoga may just have the solution. With a combination of the physical exercise and the soothing benefits of breathing and relaxation methods, yoga practitioners experience less stress, eat better, have more energy, and have lower blood pressure numbers.

Want to Increase Bone Density?

Stronger bones is another huge benefit of yoga. The more one practices yoga, the denser the bones become. This is a positive side-effect of the stretching and flexibility. Muscles grow, ligaments and tendons strengthen, and bones become stronger and less brittle.

Yoga isn’t the only type of exercise you can do to improve your health, but it is the best possible way to improve your mind, body and spirit. So if you’re in the area or simply want to know more, check out some yoga classes in Perth at Charleyoga. Your body will thank you for years to come.

Even with a Busy Schedule You Can Get Extra Exercise

Wouldn’t you love to drop a few extra pounds? Today’s fast-paced lives can make finding enough time to stay in shape difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to get around this. Small changes in one’s daily routine can make a huge difference.

Not everyone has the luxury of enough time for regular gym workouts. However, one can utilize simple changes to strengthen the body and burn those unwanted calories while at home or work. For instance, parking in a place that requires a longer walk to a given destination can burn extra calories. Taking the stairs instead of the life, walking or biking can make a difference, too.

Break Up the Day

When you’re at the office, take a break and walk around whenever you can. Close the door and sneak in a few push-ups or sit-ups when you are alone.

Take a break whenever possible while on the job. Walk around the office at every given opportunity. Close your office door and do a some push-ups or sit-ups when you have a little time. Have a little fun while you achieve a leaner body and improve your mood.

Pick up a treadmill or an exercise bike so you can work out while you watch TV. Double the benefits by adding some hand weights. You’ll never feel guilty about watching TV again!

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Don’t Wait Until New Years To Start A Fitness Routine!

Efficient Exercise

No one can deny that the benefits of exercise are numerous. Exercise discourages depressing moods, increases your resistance to disease, and supports a healthy and attractive body image. Intensify the quality of your workout with these two helpful exercise tips, and ensure your routine produces the best results in the most efficient way possible.

Get the Most Out of Your Routine

The efficiency of your fitness routine is greatly augmented by both cardiovascular and resistance training. Cardio workouts fortify the functionality of your heart and lungs, maintain cholesterol at healthy levels and boost your endorphin count. Cardio can even build muscle mass, but to truly increase your bulk, you need to include resistance training as part of your workout routine. Using weights, exercise bands, or the weight of your own body will develop solid muscle mass while enhancing your body’s overall strength and power. Adding resistance exercise to your workout will compliment your sense of self-esteem with a better self image, reinforce your body’s resistance to injury and reduce the risk of osteoporosis caused by inactivity.

Best Practices

Performing warm-ups before your main workout will ready your body for the onset of increased physical stress. By starting your workout at a lower intensity, you are giving your body the time it needs to prepare your cardiovascular system for a drastic change in activity and priming your muscles to cope with any stress, effectively reducing the risk of harm. Don’t forget to cool down after you finish your workout as this will helps your body readjust to a state of rest by regulating the flow of blood, thwarting the outbreak of dizziness and returning the rhythm of your breath to normal.

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